Unlimited and lifetime WordPress business model sustainability?


Q: Do you believe in unlimited and lifetime WordPress business model sustainability?

A: We believe that the only sustainable unlimited model for buyers could be per year with support, and for lifetime with just updates, without support – this is the cheapest option for buyers. However, not sure it is really a viable business model for most authors/sellers. Price is usually equal or less than 3 or 4 years of annual and/or come with some added benefits.

Be careful about “lifetime” term as it usually refers to the sellers/companies “lifetime” – and companies averagely last for about 5 years. Therefore, before buying you should check out how easy is to port the content to another plugin or theme if the developers stop maintaining it.

Especially be careful if a company always has a lifetime plan available – that is a red flag. Unlimited + lifetime + support is never going to be sustainable long term.

If it’s just a limited number or a short term special on lifetime licenses and it’s a product you have researched, then you can go with it. Sometimes products/businesses just need a bit of a cash injection to give them a boost in the right direction. It’s kind of ‘crowd-funding’ in a way. An alternative to racking up debt with investors.

Companies usually sell unlimited and lifetime when they are starting, offering an early adopter model. Some fall by the wayside or change their policy to subscription only. Others are still going strong. Some only provide support for the first year and you have to pay to renew support after that anyway.

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