Ultimate Rules For Running a Facebook Group Successfully


These Facebook rules have been created and updating for years by groups experienced admins. We used our vast experience in volunteer admin activities for many different Quality Facebook groups and growing them in time. Currently we have 120.000+ members in our groups that we help and support. That number is growing day by day – some groups have monthly growth of 1.000 members but average growth for all groups is about 500-600 per month.
Although these rules may seem too restrictive to some people outside of these groups, that only looks so – in practice vast majority of members support this way of managing groups. Why? The answer is simple: they like order in the groups, without spamming, selling and promotion activities, chaos and, at the end, “dying” and closing of the group, which is very often scenario in described situations. These are private groups, joined voluntarily, free of charge, and people who respect these rules join these groups, and those who don’t want to follow them – don’t join.
Therefore, people in general prefer following “common-sense” rules than having “anarchy” in the groups. As the consequence we have all groups growing with members and quality where admins, moderators and members help each others honestly, without abusing the free nature of these groups just to gain some personal benefits.
PS Don’t worry if you accidentally break some of the rules, we will gently warn you and you will re-read some of the rules better to be aligned with them in the future. 🙂


If you want to become member of some Facebook Group and you want to increase chances for your request to be approved, we recommend you to follow the next points in the Anti-spam list, with the most important points in bold, at the top:

  1. you answered all the 3 pre-admission questions in a way that makes sense:
    a) How did you find out about this Facebook Group?
    b) What are your so far experiences regarding WordPress.org (self-hosted) usage (beginner, intermediate, advanced)?
    c) What is your favorite rule in the Group’s rules? You can read Groups’ rules here –> http://bit.ly/2w9Cxnz (copy-paste link to
    Browser on PC or see section “About this group”).

    REMARK: you may be approved without answering some of these questions, but only at the discretion of the admins
  2. you are not banned in other groups we admin/moderate
  3. you joined Facebook more than 6 months ago
  4. you belong to less than 400 groups
  5. your Facebook profile is accessible to admins (data on FB profile are not hidden)
  6. you are already member of some well-known/established or in common/sister Facebook groups
  7. you have a real name (e.g. not company name, celebrity name, etc.) and you don’t have weird characters in your username
  8. you have none or just few Facebook friends, huge number of friends (in thousands) or you have mutual friends with the Groups’ admin(s)
  9. your profile is active with fresh published posts on the wall and not a few years ago (e.g. possibly hacked profiles)
  10. usage of proper Facebook profile images. Avoid usage of improper profile images, such as:
    – none profile images at all (blank image placeholder)
    – usage of the same photo in the different profiles (we can check your profile image with “Search Google for this image” on the profile)
    – profile images with nudity, drugs, or encouraging illegal hacking
    – “professional”/stock photo (of a child , business man, female “models”, etc.)
    – logo
    – cartoon characters
    – other possible strange profile images
  11. avoid the following in your Facebook profile:
    – not having any header image in FB profile (e.g. just black color)
    – belonging to many affiliates, marketing, buy/selling, or similar groups
    – professionals/work in affiliate, marketing, buy/selling industry
    – works at Facebook, at Student, at Google
    – spam/strange/inappropriate posts on the user wall


Do Rule #01: Use the English language only

  1. The official and only language used in the group is English. If you are searching for a group in your native language, please check the Quality WordPress Groups regional groups listing.  

Do Rule #02: Perform Google searches as well search the Group before asking your questions

  1. We’re not where you start with your efforts, but we’re where you come after you’ve tried all your search efforts on Google, various Forums, Facebook groups, etc.
  2. If you tried to solve/search for your issues and find answers to your questions before you came here please put all your findings in the post, e.g. you performed Google search for themes/plugins before you asked for recommendations and you listed all your findings in your question/post.
  3. When you write e.g. that you did “everything” to find the answer – it is just a general term and in fact it means “nothing” as you gave none usable information. Maybe you don’t have “time” or you don’t have “will” to write what did you do so why we all others would have to give our time to help you out? Think carefully how to phrase and justify your questions and members engagement to help you out without generalized terms like I did “everything, all possible”, search for days…” and similar nonsense terms.
  4. It’s highly encouraged to search previous posts in the Group for answers to your questions and check pinned post with initial instructions. If you post your question & it’s already been answered, one of the admins could post a link to the previous question & close off further commenting or (if your question was very simple & redundant) it won’t be answered at all and maybe deleted.

Do Rule #03: Ask questions only related to the Group’s topic(s) or share your knowledge with others

  1. If your question is a WordPress related question, we’re helping only with the questions related to WordPress.org (self-hosted), NOT WordPress.com questions.
  2. For additional pointers on Group’s topic(s), check Group’s description as well.
  3. Also, we are not helping self-proclaimed “WordPress agencies” with their clients – such members are abusing free WordPress groups on Facebook for their business gains.
  4. Off topics (anything not related to this group) will be removed at the discretion of the admins/moderators, various <rants> included.
  5. Start new topics in their own thread, not as a comment on someone else’s thread.
  6. If you want to ask your questions in a more appropriate group, please check the Quality WordPress Groups list.
  7. Informational posts are allowed as long as: they are not self-promotional posts with intention to sell, and they must have your short personal introductory text written (not just copy-paste link in the group).

Do Rule #04: Be very descriptive in your questions providing the website’s link and/or screenshot(s), where it’s warranted

  1. Create a thorough question describing your issue and telling us what you’ve tried and your results (Do Rule #02). In that way, we can potentially point you to other possible solutions without a lot of wasted back-and-forths and you will ensure that you receive the fastest and the most accurate responses from Group members. Screenshots, screencasts, a link to the actual optimization report and other visuals are MUST, if available.
  2. If you need help on a website – sharing your URL publicly in discussion is obligatory so members could try to help you out. If due to any confidentiality clauses you can’t disclose the website’s URL, you can’t get proper public help in the Group and in those cases you should hire Professional/Paid Support.
  3. If you are sharing credentials to a person you met in the group or to strangers – Group is not responsible for any damage it may cause to your site or wider.
  4. We don’t provide free one-to-one or offline support and there should be no expectation of immediate responses.
  5. If the question isn’t clear and it’s going to take extra effort just to get to the root of the problem, then the post will be most likely deleted.

Do Rule #05: Play nice keep conversations civil 

  1. Members are encouraged  to express their opinions openly and honestly without fear of rejection, but without generalizing (e.g. “usage of ultimate word in the posts’ topics is lazy, incorrect and very presumptuous, its an obvious cheap tactic to bait in leads”) or using “heavy” and insulting words.
  2. There will be zero tolerance for any form of bullying anybody whatsoever: we understand that people disagree on occasion, but we won’t tolerate members disrespecting each other. No personal attacks, no “lmgtfy” responses, no irony/sarcasm. If you don’t like something, ignore it! Avoid pea cocking and keep your ego in check. No antagonists or haters” are allowed. Avoid making negative comments about someone’s grammatical or spelling errors. It is frowned upon and may subject you to being temporarily muted or banned without warning.
    If You Have Nothing Nice To Say, You Really Should Say Nothing
  3. If a disagreement arises, members should use links to reference their point of view instead of simply arguing an opinion of disagreement. No cursing/bad words in the group for any reason. Members that are suffering rude & bullying behaviour/comments/attacks/insults from other members MUST report such rude comments to Groups’ admins for the final ruling without answering in the same (rude) way to those members/in the discussion, if they want to avoid punishment for their rude answers as well. 
  4. No bashing of any tools/hosting/etc. in particular or in general in order to show/prove that some other tool(s)/hosting(s)/etc. are better/faster/more efficient etc. than the one you are bashing or all other tools/hostings/etc. in general. E.g. “That tool/those tools is/are garbage, this tool is the best (or use my tool).” Instead write an argumentative sentence, for example “I wouldn’t recommend that tool/hosting/etc. according to my personal experiences but I would recommend the following tool/hosting/etc. as I had excellent results with it in the following areas…”.
    Skip heavy words/qualifications/generalizing of other tools/hostings/etc. (or all tools in general) such as “garbage, junk, overrated, bloated, sometimes works,  bad support, etc.” as those are personal opinions/experiences. Concentrate on positive aspects of the recommended alternative tool/hosting and why do you think it’s the best choice in particular situation.
    Otherwise, those negativities/bashings/attacks/personal opinions provoke contra-bashing, quarrels, more negativity and “flames of war”.
    Freedom of the speech – yes, but NOT in the form of bashing other tools/hostings/etc. just “because” you hade bad personal experience(s) with it.
  5. No quarrels about legal stuff about plugins’ code ownership – take those legal disagreements somewhere else: in private, at Court, etc, BUT don’t try to settle dispute in the Group’s public discussion – Facebook Group is not a place for that.
  6. Read other responses/comments before you write your response.
  7. Put as many thoughts or comments as possible in 1 reply, NOT 1 idea per line in sequential order, one after other (hint: use SHIFT+ENTER).
  8. Also, you mustn’t block admins if you want to be part of the Group. 

Do Rule #06:  You can mention your product that you’re affiliated with if it is relevant to a specific tools discussion, but with an included disclaimer on your affiliation

  1. If a product that you’re affiliated with is relevant to a discussion, you can mention it, but you must also include a disclaimer about your affiliation (e.g. Plugin XYZ can do that. Disclaimer: I work for company XYZ, I’m a developer of the plugin XYZ”).
  2. Also, authors can answer questions about their products/services if directly asked by users about that in posts or comments or authors can ask for testers/polls questions.
  3. Not allowed indirect promotions/showings or boosted comments in order to keep particular posts on top of the group” otherwise those posts will be deleted and members could be banned.
  4. For shared post’s link with no valuable comments provided, a post will be treated as spam/self-promotion and will be deleted.
  5. Don’t abuse this rule by excessive mentioning of your tools.

Do Rule #07: You can ask for private/paid support ONLY if you turn your post’s commenting off

  1. You can ask for private/paid support (e.g. one on one help) but you must turn off commenting for that post. Don’t abuse the group’s generosity.
  2. If you fail to do so your post will be deleted and you might be penalized in a case of repeating violation of this rule.
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Don’t Rule #01: Don’t publish/public share intention by yourself for the following posts/comments/polls: Spam, Affiliate stuff, (Self)Promotions (free or paid tools/plugins (updates)/services, etc.), Jobs offers, Advertising, Marketing, Coupon links, (re)Sellings, Cross-posting of requests for help, General Questions/Infos about your sites, JV/Webinar invitations/announces, Your own Free(mium)/Paid Products/Services/Groups, Requests for testing your software/Surveys, Fundraising/Charity Links, Specials/Black Friday/CyberMonday, Games contests, Licenses transfer, Conferences info, Interviews, Shorten links, Old Plugins/Tools, other paid channels/forums, big attraction-grabber images, comment very old posts and similar

  1. We all hate spam, and thankfully there is a simple way to deal with it: on the upper right hand corner of a spam post please click on Report to admin” and someone on the admin team of this group will take care of it. 
  2. Any members (self)promotional or dubious (cross)posts/links/comments/requests/offers will be removed, unless first pre-approved by admins (all admins’ materials are excluded from this rule). This includes free and affiliate/paid links (including shorten links), jobs and marketplace offers/promotions/pieces of advice/recommendations/one-on-one training offers, etc.
    Authors/owners can send to admins some useful materials from their companies/blogs and admins will have final decision to publish them or not, taking into consideration members activities in the Group.
  3. Tools author can create exclusive discount coupons for members in some Facebook groups. However, authors/developers/members can also post coupons ONLY in the dedicated file in the group created by admins (if such file exists) and the final decision of allowing or not of those coupons is up to the groups’ admins. It is not allowed that authors post coupons as group’s post. If coupons are posted in that way, you can be removed/banned from the groups.
  4. Do not promote your own tools/plugins (updates)/services or share any of the above mentioned offers/requests without speaking with an admin beforehand (you can contact admins in the Facebook group or here). If we decide that your tool/plugins’ news/service/offer/request is useful for the Group, we might allow it or most likely publish it by ourselves.
  5. Admins could publish some of the above stated posts if they assess it is in the Group’s interest.

Don’t Rule #02: Don’t promote/ask for illegal/Cracked/Hacked/Nulled/Pirated (or variations of) software, this is strictly forbidden

  1. We do not permit any promotion or condone illegal/cracked/hacked/nulled/pirated (or variations of) software or debating about pirated stuff possible benefits”. 
  2. We strongly encourage you to legally purchase software or donate to the developers. 

Don’t Rule #03: Don’t ask for support for paid software/services

  1. If you legitimately bought a software/service, ask the Authors/Developers to give you (paid) Support. Don’t expect this Group’s (free) support on that paid/freemium software/service.
  2. We can’t play policemen” to investigate who legitimately purchased the software.
  3. If you have some pre-sale questions for paid software – please ask plugin’s author directly.

Don’t Rule #04: Don’t ask professionals in the group to do extensive free or voluntary” work on your site 

  1. If you don’t have the experience or knowledge or time to do it yourself, expect to pay for services for your project as professional expertise and time are not cheap.
  2. Free Facebook groups are NOT replacements for Professional/Paid Support when one is necessary. Please, hire Professional/Paid Support if needed or you have urgency (no Self-promotions, please).
  3. No “tagging” admins/moderators or other members in your post questions for (quick) answers, unless that is really needed/urgent for the Group itself (not for individuals, ONLY for Group’s benefit).

Don’t Rule #05: Don’t auto-post or overpost

  1. We like Live activity” from living people.  
  2. We encourage individuals to share content relevant to this Group, but please be judicious in doing so. We don’t like exaggerations with extensive/frequent postings. Be aware that posting more than 3 discussions on the same day needs to be justified to the group admins or it will be considered spam.
  3. Don’t bump to top very old posts (several weeks old) by commenting. This is usual practice of the spammers who want to promote some tools, their own or from others.
  4. Don’t over-reports posts. Rules are there, must be followed, but they can’t be “blindly followed”, especially for the border cases. If over-reporting, you are causing additional admin (filtering) activities which could slow down the whole admining process and become contra-productive for the admin process. If you are not sure if some posts broke rules or not, leave them to admins for judging.

Don’t Rule #06: Don’t ask for a general review of your site 

  1. Be precise with questions about your site, don’t ask general questions as these are treated as self-promotions. You can get free quality review of your websites from the top experts here.
  2. Somebody asks vague question how people like their site just to promote that site and therefore only specific questions on particular site are allowed – to prevent some people abusing general site review question 

Don’t Rule #07: No public mentions of PMs/DMs in the Group is allowed

  1. Don’t offer or ask publicly in the Group personal help via PMs/DMs for helping members.
    We are in the Group where we want to help others, share knowledge and thus learn new things, again
    in the Group’s public discussion.
    However, it’s up to members who published the post to decide if they will contact some groups’ members directly through Facebook (private PMs/DMs are not forbidden by Facebook rules), but without mentioning it in the groups’ public discussions.
    Therefore, DON’T 
    write in discussions that you sent PM/DM to other members or that you can send PM/DM or that you expect PM/DM, etc…. it’s your private decision how and in which channels you are going to interact with each others outside of the Group.
  2. It is not allowed that members offer their services via PM/DM, add people to mailing lists, disturb them with unwanted PMs/DMs, etc. based on a post in the group. Members who receive such spam can report it to an admin (with some screenshots proves) and the admin can remove/ban the spammer.
  3. Don’t PM/DM admins/moderators with questions on deleted posts/comments, muted members or similar admins activities – all those actions are carried out by admins if some groups’ rules are broken and at the discretion of the admins/moderators.
  4. Don’t PM/DM admins/moderators for free help as we already give a lot of our time and knowledge for free all over the groups, in public discussions and volunteering in many Groups (as admins, moderators or members). Therefore, our ‘1 on 1’ consulting time is chargeable if you want to “pick up our brains” for WordPress/Web particular issues you have.
  5. Public mention of PMs/DMs in the Group is only allowed in case of “Do Rule #07” – if you publish post and ask for private/paid support and turn your post’s commenting off or if admins explicitly allow that on the case-by-case basis.

 Members breaking some of these rules could be banned from the group(s) without warnings and at admins/moderators discretion: please, read & follow groups’ rules.
Thank you!


Please be advised that depending on the severity & frequency of your following actions, in cases if you:

  • don’t follow the Groups’ rules
  • break rules regardless if you do it unintentionally (e.g. you didn’t read the rules) or intentionally (you did it several times)

at the discretion of the Groups’ admins/moderators are the following possible actions (without  obligatory sending warnings to members before or after taking following actions), with the clear pointer which Groups’ rule(s) were broken:

  1. all your posts/comments can be deleted, or/and
  2. your posts can be put in approval status, or/and
  3. you can be “muted” for some time, or/and
  4. you can be removed from the Group(s), or/and
  5. you can be banned from that group, or/and
  6. you can be banned from all the “sister” groups.

If you are penalized/banned from the Group but you have strong arguments that you didn’t break the Groups’ rules and you want to rejoin particular Group – you can contact Groups’ admins directly with your information/arguments OR through the next Facebook profile.


Group Members are not responsible for unpredictable sites’ results, lack of results, damage done, data lost, sites blown up, implode, vanish, White Screen Of Deaths (WSOD), and other possible errors, if you:
  • cannot or will not follow given instructions, or
  • advice given in this Group is too much work” for you, or 
  • you refuse to read the articles we provide you and thus don’t learn how to do something and therefore you can’t carry out what is instructed in the article, or
  • you will not make a site backup before making major changes, when advised to do so.

Groups’ admins hold the rights to be exempted from the some Groups’ rules stated in this post.

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