The best WordPress theme for my site? – there is no such thing


Q: What is The best WordPress theme for my site?

A: We get asked this question all the time in the numerous Facebook groups: “What is The best WordPress theme for my shop?” or ‘What is The best WordPress theme for (fill in the blank) business?’.

The simple answer: there is no such thing as ‘The best WordPress theme’!

We use WordPress partly because of how flexible and customizable it is. With a little bit of knowledge and some effort on your part, you can make WordPress do, or look like anything you want.

This is true for WordPress themes too. A theme itself is not going to get you ranking in Google, bring 1000s of visitors to your site, or earn the money for you. What you do with that theme is what will bring you clicks.

Steps in finding the right and suitable theme for your needs:

  • Have a layout idea in mind – do you want a slider, no slider. Do you need sidebars or special widgets? Do you need multiple service sections?
  • Check out our Freelancers Tools WordPress quality themes directory. Search out a theme that ‘looks’ similar to what you envision your site to look like and suits your needs the best.
    Or chose one of the powerful free or paid themes Frameworks with templates so you can just tweak it a bit for your needs, such as X Theme.
  • See if the theme has been updated recently (you don’t want to use an abandoned theme)
  • Check the theme’s demo speed & responsiveness
  • Find out if is it easy to customize the theme, even for beginners (e.g. page builder included)
  • Check how many ‘stars’ it has been rated and how many people rated it
  • Check how many times theme has been downloaded (you probably don’t want a brand new theme / untested)
  • See if the theme has a good documentation
  • Read the theme’s support thread and see if there is a ‘common problem’ with the theme that could cause problems for you and how well is it supported

If you follow above steps, then you have probably found ‘The best’ WordPress theme for your site… congratulations & enjoy it!

You can check our quality Freelancers Tools directory with manually curated quality freelancers tools.

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