MainWP review: genuine experiences from a pioneer user

Usage simplicity

MainWP runs entirely on WordPress which means it’s comfortable, familiar, and you don’t need to learn how to use it from scratch, as with other solutions. However, there could be user interface optimizations, but MainWP Team works on it and improves it with each new version.


The best is that MainWP is getting better and better: plugins’ authors add new useful features/extensions all the time as they really listen customer’s’ needs.
You can perform all the basic maintenance stuff, but you get some additional extensions, like Clone extension, MainWP Rocket Extension, Advanced Uptime Monitoring, Client Reports Extension, Favorites Extension and some others. Why? because those extensions replace some other plugins we were using inside sites that were slowing down sites or making harder for maintenance (individually on each site).


Performing sites’ updates is very easy and default speed of updates is very decent although it could be faster. There are some tweaks that can be performed in the MainWP settings, depending on the particular hosting that can speed up considerably update process.


MainWP is self-hosted for additional privacy. Although installation on the (sub)domain is of high security, for ultimate security you can install MainWP dashboard locally on your PC using your favorite stack (XAMPP, WAMP, LAMP).
Also, it’s important to say that MainWP, in their ongoing effort to provide the most secure experience possible, participates on and offer a reward for each security vulnerability reported in either the MainWP Dashboard plugin or the MainWP child Plugin.


MainWP has one of the best support systems I had in my life (along with the superb SiteGround hosting support). MainWP support answers promptly and even during (my) night time (they obviously balanced their support in the different time zones). They are so prompt and keen to solve issues that sometimes I feel sorry that I reported some issues (when I see how they give 120% of themselves to sort it out ASAP). If you chose them as your partners, you’ll see what I am talking about… I always tend to choose software solutions (tools, plugins, etc) that have knowledgeable and reliable support.

Other points

MainWP pricing is very affordable for our business in comparison some other similar tools that you have to pay per site. Some other tools pricings cause additional financial burden for the businesses especially if you manage larger number of sites. 


  • We wanted reliable solution + possibility to choose some paid extensions, if we need additional sites’ functionalities. We found all of that (and more) in the MainWP plugin. In the last few years we’ve been using it, we haven’t regretted our decision to invest in it… not even once!
  • Our warm recommendation for MainWP: the best buy WordPress remote management tool your new best friend” in saving your time…. and money! 🙂

If you wish to ask some concrete MainWP questions from the people 1st hand or to listen some of the personal experiences from the real users, you can check out MainWP Users Facebook Group

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