An easy way to run WordPress locally and push updates live?


Q: Is there an easy way to run WordPress locally and push updates live? I have time to work with no Internet access and trying to figure out how to update the live site regularly.

A: There are a few tools that allow you to work on WordPress locally and sync with your live WordPress site, see these 2 most simple options:

  1. InstantWP Win application: enables running WordPress locally.
    WPMerge will allows you to push changes from local WordPress site to live WordPress site.
  2. DesktopServer Win/Mac application enables installing local WordPress site and its direct deploy to live site.

Other applications that enable running WordPress locally on PC:

Other tools for synchronizations between your development and live WordPress sites:

If you want just to manually migrate/clone your production site to test environment and vice versa we recommend usage of the All in one migration plugin, or its alternatives:

For on-line test site you can use the following (free) hosting: through (sub)domains.
As production site we use SiteGround hosting for all of our web sites.

You can check our quality Freelancers Tools directory with manually curated quality freelancers tools.

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