E-mail template for your clients related to “Not Secure” warning in Chrome


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Q: Can you share your e-mail template sending to your clients related to “Not Secure” warning in Chrome?

A: If you want to explain to your clients in the straightforward way, why they have to switch their http websites to https, you are free to use our e-mail template as the baseline:

Dear Client,
you may already be familiar with the change that Google introduces to the Chrome browser by the end of July 2018: all websites that continue to use the unsecure/http protocol will be labeled as unsafe in the Chrome browser (“Not Secure”) for all visitors (other browsers will follow Chrome in the next months after July):
Chrome "Not secure" warning message
From the Chrome version 70, there will even be an animation that makes the indicator “Not Secure” turn red whenever an user tries to enter formatted text on an unsecure/http page.
What does this change mean for you and your websites?
This means that a certain number of visitors to your pages will avoid them (and that number will grow in time) because they will consider your websites unsafe and dangerous for visiting (due to Chrome warning).
As part of this strategy, Google has already started to better rank secure/https pages in Google search results, giving them a higher ranking in search results (e.g. 81 of the top 100 websites are secure/https pages).
What can be done to avoid above described pessimistic scenario on your site?
Your unsecure/http websites need to be switched to secure/https pages, which is not so trivial to do because it requires certain technical knowledge & experience.
Since we do not yet have enough experience in this task (switching from unsecure to secure sites), and due to possible negative consequences in case of errors (e.g. site might be inaccessible, traffic decrease, etc.), we have engaged international external partners / experts. They gave us an exclusive (and time-limited) offer for only $(AMOUNT).
Please, note that the usual partner cost for this task is $(AMOUNT) or more (depending on the size and complexity of the site itself and the manual work that needs to be done on the site) and we’ve got (NUMBER)% discount to perform this task before the end of this month, when Google gave a deadline for this switch to secure/https sites.
Can we postpone switching our site from unsecure/http to secure/https?
You can, but in that case be ready for:
  • decreased number of visits to your site
  • visitors dissatisfaction and complaints on your unsecure/http site
  • drop in Google search results (the pages will be ranked lower)
  • price increase for doing this task.
We are waiting for the answer to this offer, and in case of additional questions we will be at your disposition.
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